hey m'friend! stop overthinking :)

make emotive family photo posing easy for $197! 








You CAN create emotive images easily, over + over throughout a session.  


I know it can seem daunting,

especially when it feels anything BUT easy in a session with stiff clients

or those deer-in-the-headlights moments when the whole family's

looking at you and you got NOTHIN'. 


You're a little

(or a lot) burnt out.

  • You're not sure you're "talented enough" to create the emotional images you dream of.

  • If you get "good clients" you can create emotive images,  but you aren't sure how to loosen up awkward clients and you're sick of reinventing the wheel trying new tactics at every shoot.

  • You're over fluff PDFs with pretty pictures and need something you can apply at your very next family session that gets RESULTS.


I've been there

(so many times.)


  • I used to think I had to come up with 100 new games + poses at every family session or I wasn't being 'creative'

  • I would leave most family sessions feeling like my clients had hijacked it  and I wasn't sure why I couldn't get things back on track.

  • I was overthinking EVERYTHING--and my images showed it. They didn't have the life, heartbeat, and soul I longed to infuse them with. 

Then I realized there was one thing I was doing that elicited authentic emotion every time.

So I started doing it more + more. And unlike a lot of my other games and tricks, it didn't lose its power--no matter how many times I'd already used it. 

It worked. No matter the size of the family, how grumpy somebody was, or how tired/off *I* felt.

Now I'm sharing it with you. 

This is the ultimate way to direct a family: my endlessly recyclable, infinitely variable go-to for any and every emotion I want to capture in a family session--with room for each family's uniqueness to shine through.


I'm not sharing it so you can become a copycat or clone of me--the opposite, in fact; this method of directing allows for unique photos every time.

I always thought if I gave too much direction it would look posed and unnatural. I was always just hoping and waiting for the exploding funny happy moment and now I know how to make it happen! It really brings my photos to life. It seriously made me fall in love with this art again.”



“If you want to learn how to CONCRETELY work with families from an open and honest teacher, Brooke is your girl!


I was worried it’d be fluff, but I gained TANGIBLE knowledge of how to work with families.”



I can be skeptical of photographers who become teachers because not every photographer is a good teacher, but Brooke is a phenomenal teacher. I learned a ton.

She challenges everyone to be the best version of THEMSELVES, not the best copycat of her.




If you're thinking, that sounds great, but is it for me? 

This method works for:

  • Family sessions in home, in a studio, outdoors, wherever you can direct your clients, this will work!

  • Family sessions with kids ages 1 and up. If you're a newborn-only photographer and don't photograph older siblings, you'll be using this solely to direct parents. As long as one person in the family is old enough to take direction, this method will work!

  • Although this method works best with kids, you can absolutely use this method with teenagers, adult kids and extended families and add it as a tool in your toolbelt! 

  • Self conscious moms and mad dads who'd rather be poking their eyeballs out than doing family photos

  • Mini sessions, families you've photographed 19 times before and families you've never photographed before ;)

Here's how it works:

  • Click on any 'I Want The Ultimate Tip' button to check out. 


  • You'll then get an email with login info so you can immediately access The Ultimate Family Posing Tip


  • As you work through the video explanations, examples, case studies, + worksheets, your creativity + confidence in creating emotive family images will kinda explode.


  • Use at your very next family photo session + share the jaw dropping images you make with your photog besties. :)


How long will this take? When will I see results?

Is this for beginning family photographers or experienced photographers?

How long do I have access? I think I want this but I'm not sure I have time right now.

Total transparency: this course is NOT right for:

So what'll it be?

Spinning your wheels wasting time and energy trying to get better with trying a million different poses, only to freeze up when you try to make emotive images?

Or get a method that makes it EASY for you showcase every family's authentic love + create images that make you gasp with artistic delight?

(Yah, thought so ;)


the Ultimate Family Posing Tip


"The best part of Brooke as a teacher is that she helps you find what makes YOU and your work unique rather than just churning out cookie cutter facsimiles of herself."


"I've taken other online courses only to feel like I wasn't able to really apply it. It was so empowering to notice a difference in my work IMMEDIATELY."

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